Our Story

Tocando Corazones (Touching Hearts) is a Far Rockaway & Long Island-based international nonprofit organization that is focused on helping those most in need and those people that are too often forgotten worldwide. Founded by Nancy Martinez, this organization sprung from her realization of just how different the level of access to essentials such as healthcare and stable housing, could be between communities. Even in our supposedly connected world, many people are still sadly overlooked.

Our Focus

We want to be there for people who feel forgotten. While our Far Rockaway & Long Island based nonprofit organization is currently focused in the United States of America, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti at this time – our vision is international. Through our work, there is no limit to the hearts we can touch.

How You Can Help

Click through to our How You Can Help page and Donations page for ways that you can support our Far Rockaway & Long Island non profit organization and get involved.

What We Offer

Through donations, fundraising and volunteer support, our goal is to offer the following services:

Healthcare education, resources, and training

Therapy for people who have experienced trauma

Temporary shelter for people in unstable situations

Policy advocating for forgotten communities

Supplying life-saving medical equipment

Financial services and aid

Quality of life support - including clothes, books, food, and more